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 We do not sell medicare advantage plans. We believe in true Medigap plans or Medicare Supplements to go along with your Medicare Part A and Part B. 
If you feel Medicare advantage is right for you, here are a few tips:
  • If you have developed a serious chronic illness, or similar condition, you may want to consider dropping Medicare Advantage and returning to or choosing Original Medicare. You may pay a little more with your Part D and Medicare Supplement, added to cover your drug prescriptions and copayments and co-insurance. But you will have access to larger list of doctors, hospitals, and specialist, critical for any serious medical condition.

  • Pay attention to the stars! The federal government rates Medicare Advantage Plans, and only a small group get all 5 stars. Even though Open Enrollment ends on December 7, you can change to a 5 star plan, between December 8 and next November 30.

  • Make sure your drug prescriptions are covered under your Medicare Advantage Plan. The formulary is always changing, plans add and remove drugs and fluctuate on co-payments and deductibles.

  • When shopping for a plan, make sure to pay attention to the total Plan's cost, and not just the monthly premium.

  • If you plan on traveling to another part of the country for several months at a time make sure where ever you go, your have coverage in the area, and can find a compatible pharmacy.
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Greater Texas Heatlh Insurance Agency LLC is not connected with or endorsed by the United States Government or the Federal Medicare Program.

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