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New To Medicare

Feeling overwhelmed...Confused? You are not alone.

People who are turning 65 or are new to Medicare often have a hard time sorting things out in the beginning. There are all these moving parts and plans with similar letters, which makes it hard to figure out what is what. The tremendous amount of mail that people turning 65 or are new to Medicare receive certainly doesn’t help either. It is not unusual for someone in Austin Texas to bring in a bunch of mail on Medicare that they received at home and ask for our help to identify which things should be kept or tossed out.

new to medicareHere is a checklist for you to help you get started...

Turning 65 or New to Medicare Steps

When you first become eligible for Medicare, there are several steps to get the ball rolling. Although it seems like a lot, it’s a painless process when you know the proper steps to take. You can find most of the information you need right here on this website.

One tip that many of our clients have found helpful is that the only parts of Medicare you will enroll in via the Social Security office is your Original Medicare Parts A & B. All other Parts and supplemental coverages are done outside of that, through an insurance agent or agency like Greater Texas Health Insurance Agency LLC.

Here is an overview of the steps you will be taking.

  • Confirm you are eligible for Medicare
  • Read about Medicare costs so that you can be prepare for what you will pay
  • Contact the Social Security office for the necessary forms to apply for Medicare:
  • Receive and verify your red, white and blue Medicare ID card. Does it show you are enrolled in both Part A and Part B?
  • Read about your coverage options: Medicare Advantage or  Medicare supplemental insurance coverage
  • Learn about Part D and determine which drug plan best suits you
  • Get all your questions answered as you start using your benefits. We are always available for your calls and questions.
  • Review your coverage annually to make sure you are getting the most appropriate insurance at the right price

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