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We just wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation,

On February 2012, our business had been trying to find ways to keep insurance not only for our business sake but for our employees.  We had bee dealing with a broker for the last 7 years and we wanted to see what another broker would say to our situation.  With all the changes going on with this administration and healthcare Greater Texas Health Insurance explained to us more options and strategies that now saved us over $3,000 dollars annually just for our business, but they had started working with us and our employees on a sound retirement.  We could not be more happier...Kudos to you guys...from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate all that you have done, not only for our family, but our employees as well.


P. Vargus

Cedar Park Business Owner

Jason...We both received our policies and cards for our Medicare supplements.  Everything is as it should be.  My husband will be notifying his current carrier soon and I'll be purchasinging Medicare Part D next month.  Thanks for your help.  Not only did you help us through the process, you saved us a substantial amount of money.

Best Regards,

The Taylors



We just wanted to say thank you again for all your hard work and for always keeping us informed in regards to our health insurance options.  We have been with you guys for several years now and even my kids and their families are clients of yours.  Just wanted say how much we appreciate you and how much money you have saved us over the years.  Merry Christmas!

A. Pitkin and Family, Austin Texas


Jason, thank your for helping my parents!  My parents were paying a ton of money for a very bad plan.  They were so scared to move to another carrier.  Thanks for taking the time and going over their new plan with United Healthcare and doing a side by side comparison so that they knew all their options. You really have won their trust, which is very hard to do.

God Bless...

H. Fioretta, San Antonio Texas



My wife and I were so happy to have found your agency.  We had been shopping around for health insurance for a long time and was so confused and misinformed about plans in Texas.  Your side by side comparisons really helped us.  You guys were so creative in finding a plan that would save us money and fit our situation.  Saving us around $2,100 dollars last year.  You really do have a client for life.

Thank you,

D. Garcia, Cedar Austin Texas



I needed health insurance because my job decided that they weren’t going to offer health insurance anymore. I have always had my health insurance through work. I had no idea what my options were, until talking with you. You helped me choose a plan that was better than what I had before and with a lower rate.

T. Waters, Austin Texas



My husband and I where having a hard time finding health insurance that we could actually afford. You guys found us a plan that we are very happy with. It’s nice not to have to worry about paying my health insurance and putting gas in my car for a change. Thank You!

J. Simpson, Cedar Park TX



I’m glad we found you! Me and my husband are self employed. We had been looking for insurance for months but weren’t sure what plan was right for us. Jason Fisher explained our options to us in a way that was easy for us to understand. We now know we have the right plan and the right agent.

P. Mattison, Austin Texas



We are saving over $400 a month. THANK YOU!!!

R. Richardson, Dallas TX

I knew I was paying a lot for my health insurance at work but thought it would be more expensive if I got it on my own. I didn’t realize what was out there. I was paying $850 a month for my family now I only pay a little over $300. I’m hoping to use the extra money to go on a nice vacation this year.

N. Hoshburg, Austin Texas



I’m glad we found you! Me and my husband are self employed. We had been looking for insurance for months but weren’t sure what plan was right for us. Greater Texas Health Insurance explained our options to us in a way that was easy for us to understand. We now know we have the right plan and the right agent.

L. Willingham, Cedar Park Texas



Thanks guys for all your hard work.  You saved us $4,800 dollars this year!  I was told by our old agent, that we had the best plan on the market.  I am glad that you had so many carriers to work with to help us find the right plan and save a ton of money.  Showing us a side by side comparison with all the carriers really helped us make an educated decision.  I have already referred you to several of my coworkers.

P. Harris, Austin Texas



We are so glad that you had called us.  We have had so many people call us about our health insurance and promise us the world.  You saved us $1,100 dollars this past year.  I know that you spent a lot of time with us, but I just wanted to say thank you again!

S.Smith, Lago Vista Texas

"We Believe In Clients For Life"

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