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Tuesday, September 28 2010

Benefit updates to UnitedHealthOne plans
effective September 23, 2010

UnitedHealthOne personal health plans (excluding Short Term and Stat Plans) with effective dates of September 23, 2010 or later will have the following additional benefits:

  • Preventive care coverage: no deductible, coinsurance, copays or waiting period (for covered in-network care)
  • No aggregate lifetime dollar maximum.
  • Prescription drugs - any annual dollar limit will be removed.
  • Outpatient spine and back - any annual dollar limit will be removed.
  • Mental disorders and substance abuse - any lifetime or annual dollar limit will be removed.
    • Outpatient expenses will be considered the same as outpatient expenses for medical disorders.
    • No change for plans that do not cover mental disorders and substance abuse (e.g. Saver plans without a state variation).
  • Children under age 19 (on plans with a primary insured age 19 or older).
    • Children under age 19 will have no preexisting conditions exclusions.
    • As required on a state-by-state basis, children under age 19 will not be declined on or after September 23, 2010, based on medical history. We continue to await further guidance and clarification on this topic.
Printed materials will soon be accompanied by an insert that explains the changes.

We are also removing the $500 deductible level on all plans as of 9/23, and E-Store will no longer quote this level. Any application received with a $500 deductible will be automatically processed as a $1,000 deductible instead. Paper applications reflecting the removal of the $500 deductible will be made as soon as practical.

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