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Tuesday, October 20 2009
To some, the idea of getting affordable health insurance may seem like a pipe dream. Our country is in the midst of a major healthcare crisis. People who desperately and genuinely need coverage are not able to afford it. Some are settling for plans that cover nothing but major complications and then cannot afford the type of routine care that will keep them from having major complications. States across the nation, including Texas are seeing more and more people simply going without because they cannot afford to do anything else, or at least they believe that they cannot get affordable health insurance. Texas does have some good coverage options available, if you just know where and how to look.

Affordable health insurance Texas comes in the form of several different coverage options. If you have always been covered by your employer or by a parent, and are now in a period between jobs, waiting for new coverage to kick in, you have the choice of either utilizing COBRA coverage, which allows you to pay the full premium, shopping for more affordable short term coverage or risking going without any health coverage for the weeks or months that you are not covered. For many, this is not an acceptable risk. Although the cost savings of not paying any premiums for a few months may seem to outweigh the danger of not having coverage, that savings can easily be offset by a single illness or accident.

Another form for affordable health insurance Texas is known as an HSA or health savings account. An HSA is often taken as supplemental coverage, in addition to a traditional health insurance plan. An HSA plan allows you to save money that will be used solely for the purpose of covering health care expenses in the event that you need them. This can be an exceptionally useful plan if you know that you have some major medical expenses coming up, such as the birth of a child, fertility treatments or some other major surgery. Even if you do not have anything major coming up, it is good to know that you have the money there to pay for prescriptions and co-pays if you need it.

There are also a number of more conventional options for affordable health insurance Texas available. PPOs and HMOs can be purchased, which operate similarly to the plans that are typically offered by employers. For more information about the different health insurance options available in Texas, call us today, and speak with one of our insurance brokers about the different plans offered in the Lone Star state.

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